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TID & Merced Irr Removable Bollard (With #021882 Cap) Galv. SCH 40

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If you would like to have your bollards cut to a size other than the one above, please let us know below. If your custom size is greater than the original, we will email you an updated invoice with the custom pricing.

TID & Merced Irrigation 4” x 7’ removable galvanized post. Includes the matching press on cap (21882). This also includes a stop collar that is welded to the permanent post. There is an 8 ½” bolt that goes through both the permanent and removable parts and has a hole at the end of the bolt if you would like to place a lock of your own.

Please note that galvanized posts have a coating that makes them difficult to paint. If you would like to paint your posts, we recommend that you choose black steel posts.

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